CroMagnon 3D Tactical Self-Healing Target

by Tim Cummins

CroMagnon 3-D Tactical Self-Healing Target

CroMagnon 3-D Tactical Self-Healing Target

I have been asked on several occasions what makes CroMagnon Targets different than other three-dimensional self-healing targets on the market and why someone would spend the extra money on our target verses paying less for some of the others out there. Three reasons: extremely realistic, unbeatable quality and durability, and extremely versatile and mobile. In choosing a target for real life training scenarios, these are the qualities that separate CroMagnon from the rest of the pack.

As a gun safety and personal defense instructor, I want to provide the best training atmosphere for my students as possible, which means making it real and making it safe. Our targets are not for all training events, such as target practice and beginner training (although they can be used for that), but they are for tactical skills development training in law enforcement, military, and tactical settings. Our targets are also designed for those that take civilian defensive courses at training centers across the country to enhance their ability to respond to Dynamic Critical Incidents and take their skills to the next level.

3-D Realism that is only limited by the user:

CroMagnon Targets bring realism to the range. The target can be easily dressed for virtually any scenario. The user is only limited by his/her imagination. By using masks, hats, and various styles of clothing, your target can be the bad guy or good guy which is ideal for shoot/don't shoot scenarios. Being able to remove the head makes dressing a lot easier when using t-shirts, sweaters, or even dresses when using the female. Staples can generally be used as well to hold clothing or other items in place without damaging the target material.

Self-healing Quality that lasts:

The quality and durability of CroMagnon is exciting. We have several targets that have withstood thousands of rounds of ammo from numerous calibers of firearms, and they are still in service today. Several of our targets have over 12,000 to 13,000 rounds in them and are still going strong. Many 3D targets can't take that kind of abuse and remain serviceable. You will also note in our YouTube videos and on our Facebook page

that we post both the front AND the back of the target after it has been hit so you can see both the entry and exit of the bullets. We don't make any bones about how bullets affect the target. Handguns don't seem to make a dent. Larger calibers can cause some damage, but the damage is minimal depending on the weight of the round, rate of fire, and numbers of rounds fired during the burst. CroMagnon Targets are tough, and as one client stated, “they can take a lot of punishment." We have yet to shoot one into extinction.

The largest gun that a CroMagnon Target has experienced to date is the M2 50 caliber machine gun. It was firing a 720 grain round and every 10th round was a tracer; three belts were run through it and although it suffered quite a bit of damage, it survived and is still in service. Of course this was after it was shot with eight belts of 5.56 62 grain from a M249 and 6 Belts of 7.62 147 grain from a M240, including tracers, as well as a few thousand rounds from 9mm and 45 caliber rounds. Additional pictures of the targets can be seen at Facebook on our CroMagnon Industries LLC page.

A Tactical Target that is easy to Maneuver and Store:

The unique design allows for easy set-up, and storage. It breaks down into three components, depending on the model, and it easily fits into the trunk of most automobiles. The wheels allow it to roll easily to wherever it is needed. Even though it is over a hundred pounds, most any adult can manage it with little to no difficulty, although we do recommend a two person lift when placing the target on the stand or lifting out of your trunk.

The target can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is ideal for shoot houses or for outside ranges. The target platform provides a stable stand for the target, and keeps it stable on nearly any terrain, whether it is concrete, gravel, grass, or dirt. Even if the surface is not level or it is windy, CroMagnon Targets will stay horizontal. Many other targets will blow over in the wind or fall after being shot. Even after being shot numerous times with a 50 Cal machine gun (which we don't recommend for longest performance), CroMagnon stayed vertical.

Being able to interchange parts is important as it will reduce replacement cost. If the head gets shot up, it can removed and replaced. There is no messy duct tape and foam repair, nor does one have to buy an entire new target. This interchangeability of parts mean less replacement cost to the end user.

Best Value for training with 3-D Self-Healing Tactical Targets

In closing why would a consumer (whether a tactical training facility or an individual), buy a CroMagnon Target verses any other target on the market? The answer is that the CroMagnon Targets are more realistic, better quality and more durable (longer life span), more versatile, more mobile, and has an incredibly more stable platform than any other on the market today. You get more bang for your buck!

Tim Cummins, Owner

CroMagnon Industries LLC


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