CroMagnon Targets Remote Controlled Tactical Training System

by Tim Cummins

Bringing Realism to the Range


  • 4-wheel independent drive
  • Solid Non-flat all terrain wheels
  • AR 500 Armor Shielding
  • SkyFly Remote Control Two Lifepo 4 12V 80Ah Lithium Power Packs
  • Shot Recognition Continuous 360-degree target rotation
  • Easily changeable targets

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The CroMagnon Remote Controlled Tactical Training System offers a unique and versatile training experience. It delivers realistic scenario driven skill building for the trainee in a real time 3D atmosphere. Scenarios are only limited by the imagination.

Remote Controlled Tactical Training System

Whether it is Department/ Academy training or firearms training sites that specialize in tactical and personal defense CroMagnon can add to the realism to take your students to the next level of preparedness. The platform is an extremely durable and robust unit that can operate on various terrains and surfaces. The width of the unit allows for entry and exit of standard size doors, the weight ensures stability while moving and prevents tipping on uneven surfaces. The unit contains state of the art hardware and controls to ensure smooth operations and offers up to 6 to 8 hours of operation time before recharging is required.

CroMagnon Industries LLC stands behind our products and offers Limited warrantees and Guaranteed Service on all our products.

"Bringing Realism to the Range" with CroMagnon Targets

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