Tactical Moving Targets For Law Enforcement & Military Live Fire Training Scenarios

by Tim Cummins

Tactical, Moving, Humanoid, Training Targets, Great for Law Enforcement & Military Live Fire Training Scenarios!

We have always promoted the CroMagnon Target as an extremely durable target. We have sent thousands of rounds of various calibers of ammo through our prototypes before we decided to put the targets on the open market. We have a couple of our original prototypes that have better than 10,000 rounds through them individually and they are still going. We studied the results we got from our testing and decided on what recommendations we would make for the best use of our product and how to insure a long and serviceable life to our customers. But as you know we wanted to push it to the limit.

Up until recently the largest rounds we had put through it was a 45/70 WinMag with 325 grain soft tip rounds. It made a mark but didn't create any life shortening damage to the target. A while back I had the opportunity to meet Matt Schaefer owner of Tactical Defense Training in Canton OH. Matt has one of our tactical targets and recently put it to the test. After shooting it with the standard 9mm and 45 cal rounds he decided to put the big guns on it. Although we have put thousands of 5.56 and 7.62 through our targets we never did so with fully automatic guns.

Matt and his crew unleashed several hundred rounds each of M249, M240, and M2 on the CroMagnon including tracer rounds every tenth round. Although they did some pretty extensive damage with the M2, the 50 cal 720 grain rounds still didn't shoot our target into extinction. Matt stated it withstood the M249 and M240 so good that they even hit it with the M2 and it did surprisingly well. They are still using it. Although I don't recommend using a 50 Cal machine gun on a regular basis I do know that it will take thousands of rounds of standard caliber ammo and last a long long time. I am posting a few of the pics from the range. The picture of the back of the target with the most damage was after three belts of 720 grain 50 cal. All total the target has approximately 5000 rounds in it. And as I stated earlier they are still shooting it.

3D Tactical Targets vs Paper Targets

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"Bringing Realism to the Range" with CroMagnon Targets

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