Shoot Up Your Own T-shirt!

by Tim Cummins

The Novaks came to the range to learn some gun safety basics and do some shooting.

Pictured are Calder (14) and Nola (20) after their introductory firearms course. Tony had this to say:

"I really appreciate the experience we had in learning basic orientation and safety for handguns and rifle. We shot about 150 rounds of 9mm at our target shirts. This is a great way to become familiar with handguns, and a must for anyone considering owning their own. Tim is a great teacher! Thanks again for this unique and meaningful experience! This will help me greatly if I ever decide to buy my own handgun."

Shoot Up Your Own T-shirt!

We've all been there:a trip to the local gun range to practice our marksmanship. We have our ammo and our guns and we are ready to punch some paper.Once we arrive we choose our target.Could it be the usual silhouette that somewhat resembles a man or maybe something more exotic like a wild animal or zombie?Sometimes you may get to choose from a variety of paper targets.But at the end of the day, no matter the target, either it gets thrown in the trash at the range or rolled up, taken home and then thrown in the trash after being shown to a few family members or friends.

Shoot n Wear changes all that!Don't throw your trophy in the trash.Wear it proudly.Show off your skills to everyone!

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Our Shoot n Wear shirts are designed to be shot on the range, then taken home, washed, and worn. Sound crazy?Not really!With several designs to choose from and more on the way, you can show off your shooting skills in a whole new fashion.Be the first to sport your new Shoot n Wear Skull shirt or show that you are a natural born Zombie Killer.Use our target shirts to hone your marksmanship skills.

Besides having a cool shirt to wear, think about all the trees you will be saving.

Here at CroMagnon Targets, we want your shooting experience not only to be real, but fun as well. Enjoy our shirts and as always remember to always practice safe gun handling rules, and don't shoot our shirts if they are being worn by a real person.