About CroMagnon Targets

CroMagnon Industries was created to give the average gun enthusiast the ultimate target experience as well as give law enforcement and the military another tool for realistic training. As a gun safety instructor, I was looking for a way to give my students a realistic, yet fun shooting experience. Paper targets are shot one time, rolled up, and then thrown away. I wanted something realistic, fun, affordable, and durable that could be used over and over. I began experimenting and developed the CroMagnon Target System. It can be shot over and over and yet retains its structural integrity and form. I am Tim Cummins, Owner, and this is CroMagnon.

Our original target has been shot greater than 10,000 times. We've shot it with many different types of firearms to include 40 cal, 10 mm, 9 mm, 45 cal, 762, .308, 5.56, 30-06, 12 gauge shotguns with slug and double ought rounds. It is still alive and in service. We've x-rayed it to see what was happening inside and with the exception of a few rounds disintegrating against the internal steel rods, everything passes right though minimizing the ricochet factor. Although the form has stayed the same, the platform has evolved during the development phase. In doing so, the way the form attaches to the stand has been improved to provide easier assembling and dis-assembling of the target system.

In addition I have designed apparel for both training and recreational use. Shoot-n-Wear is designed for gun enthusiasts who like to take their targets home to share the experience with others. These t-shirts are designed to be placed on the target and shot so you can see where you hit. Afterwards you can wash and wear it. Sure beats having a paper target that just gets thrown in the trash. These T-shirts are fun shirts, like Zombies, and are just one more way to increase the shooting experience and create a visual memory.

Additionally CroMagnon Targets will provide law enforcement and the military the ability to have realistic training to be applied in the field. With today's ever-increasingly dangerous society, officers need all the realistic training they can get in order to make the best call in frightening situations. The military are always training so that they can plan for worse-case scenarios. CroMagnon can take the daily punishment of constant live fire scenarios with easy maneuverability, smooth positioning, and durability at an affordable price.

CroMagnon Industries is a family owned and operated business located in middle Tennessee. With a combined experience of over 35 years in military and law enforcement, I understand the importance of realistic training and the high cost associated with it. Whether you belong to a gun club, are a member of the military or law enforcement community, or just enjoy target practicing, we hope our targets can help enhance your experience. Our family enjoys the shooting experience, and it is our hope that our customers will also enjoy the CroMagnon experience.

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